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Financial Planning

Financial planning is the cornerstone of Hawthorne Financial.

We use NaviPlan and Emoney software tailored to create simple or sophisticated financial plans focusing on both the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement. During your working years, we help you understand the factors and outcomes to a successful retirement. To get our clients on track to meet their goals, Hawthorne has established a five step process to our values based planning analysis.

Fact finding
& goal setting

Financial analysis
& evaluation

Develop a
comprehensive plan


Annual monitoring

The transition from building assets to drawing down ones life savings becomes more complex, converting accumulated asset into lifetime income can be difficult. Our view is that retirement income planning should be based on probabilities, not averages. Through NaviPlan and Emoney, we use Monte Carlo simulation tools for your plan, taking into account a full range of scenarios to determine client outcomes.

In our planning process, we focus on the five key risks in income planning:

  • Longevity risk
  • Inflation risk
  • Asset Allocation risk
  • Withdraw risk
  • Health Care Expense risk

Going from the accumulation to post retirement phase of peoples lives poses new challenges. Retirement income planning can provide retirees and their families the comfort of knowing they've taken the right steps to a successful long term retirement.