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Asset Management
& Advisory Services

Hawthorne Financial has the flexibility to work with clients in either a brokerage capacity or as investment advisor representative.

We can customize solutions for any client situation using our own research as well as street research from partners like Value Line, Standard & Poors, Thomson Reuters, Bank of NY, Dow Jones, Morningstar and more. We can charge commissions, a flat fee, or a percentage of assets, depending on the best available solution for our clients.

Hawthorne Financial’s clearing and custody relationships are primarily through Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC for advisory services and National Financial Services, LLC for brokerage services, both members of NYSE/SIPC. Through the Wealthscape trading platform, Hawthorne has access to tools that offer block trading and rebalance capabilities which are designed to bring our clients a new level of scalability, operational efficiency, transparency and control to portfolio management. This system allows streamlined model construction, integrated block trading, rebalancing tools and automated drift surveillance reporting.

We take into account your existing holdings, time horizon and risk tolerance to ensure your investments are aligned with your goals. Hawthorne’s portfolio building blocks include Modern Portfolio Theory, Behavioral Finance, Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation. Our long-term investment approach is designed to accumulate wealth and preserve capital by exercising patience and discipline through market cycles. We seek to provide competitive risk adjusted returns through capital appreciation, compounding of dividends and income, and active rebalancing. While we do not subscribe to market timing, we can build both longer-term tax efficient strategic models as well as shorter term more tactical models using ETF’s, institutional class mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds.